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Community Education

Basic Computers I (Windows®)

This course teaches the fundamental aspects of how to operate a computer. It is designed for adults who have little or no computer skills. Through five classes that last three hours each, students learn about hardware and software, how to use a mouse, keyboard, and the internal components of the computer. Whether students have a laptop or desktop, they will learn the basics of what a computer is and its many uses.

Basic Computers II (Microsoft®)

Through five classes that last three hours each, students will learn to create folders, surf the internet, download and save images, send emails, attach files, and reply to electronic correspondence. Students will also learn about the various Internet Explorer program settings.

Basic Computers III (Microsoft®)

This course focuses on teaching the basics of Microsoft Office® programs such as Word®, PowerPoint®, and Excel®. Because this class is designed for students with some knowledge of Windows®, it is recommended that students complete Basic Computers I and Basic Computers II before enrolling in this course.

Quickbooks® I

This course teaches basic accounting principles. Students will learn how to receive and create sales orders, pay bills, receive payments, and create invoices. They will also learn about creating a chart of accounts, adding and editing accounts, reconciling bank and credit card accounts, entering credit card charges, making general journal entries, entering manual payroll items, and creating a variety of fiscal reports.

Quickbooks® II

This course is for those using QuickBooks® and has specific needs such as payroll, project costing, manufacturing, workman’s comp, tracking inventory, and finding and correcting errors. Prerequisite: A basic knowledge of QuickBooks® and accounting principles. At the end of the course, students will receive a certificate of training completion from M-DCPS The English Center.


Yoga is associated with the meditative practice, but in the Western world, it is often associated with stretching and exercising. This class aims to teach Yoga for better mental and physical health.